Our Place in the Wild

Our Place in the Wild If you leave humankind alone in nature without the tools to adapt it, they will die. Unlike the bird and beast at home in the wild, we must burn, build, adapt the world to survive… “nasty, brutish, and short”, so says Leviathan. It seems we gave in to the looming... Continue Reading →

The Small Scale

The Small Scale Scaled to the level of a broader plane, to all pursuits, or the great expanse of the galaxy, we seem so… infinitely small. Inconsequential; how unnerving. Veritable, how the state of history grows more poetic in time… the way some retrospect humbles kings who thought themselves immortal, how the erosion of stone... Continue Reading →

Empathy Gun

Empathy Gun Douglas Adams gave us the Point of View Gun. How long we’ve tried to replicate the same effect with standard weapons in history; fostering allegiance to a creed or king at sword point, ideology at the barrel of a gun. But the wounds of weapons only drain empathy from the body. **** What... Continue Reading →

What Lines a Tomb?

What Lines a Tomb? What lines a tomb of literary creation beyond a hundred cast out one-liners with nowhere else to go? Twenty clever titles waiting for a narrative to be constructed around them? A dozen awkward dreams too lazy or too vague, too complicated an ambition to pursue? I’ll tell you these graves are... Continue Reading →

Poetry is […]

Poetry is […] When the sun dies out, it’s said that it will take 7 minutes before the last remaining light reaches earth, and the world goes dark. Poetry, the last 7 minutes of every individual’s world where stories keep the lights on, encapsulating every colour, every scene, emotion, and memory fossilized in the chronicles... Continue Reading →

Hello world / NaPoWriMo 2019!

Hello friends, as some of you might know, today is April 1st, which marks the start of National Poetry Writing Month! As per tradition, I will be taking up the challenge to post 30 poems in 30 days! As a poet, I usually create social and political commentary, covering the occasional existential crisis, the state... Continue Reading →

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